Security Tips

  1. Do not divulge too much information about yourself, family or financials etc. in the beginning of a chat or conversation or meeting.
  2. Be anonymous until you fully trust a person. Do some research on your own to verify the authenticity of contents mentioned in a profile. While would do its best to screen certain contents of a profile, it may not necessarily guarantee full authenticity.
  3. For your own safety & security, please follow guidelines & take precaution where necessary.
  4. Please take your own time during initial communication with a person. Accepting Expression of Interest or sharing your contact information can be done only when you are satisfied with the intent & information of the profile.
  5. Avoid using office email-id for communication. You may create a separate personal email id only for the purpose of communicating with interested profiles.
  6. For your first meeting, select a safe place like mall, restaurant, café etc. using your own or public transportation. Do take a relative or friend with you. Choose a time when more people are likely to be around. Avoid secluded places.
  7. Please beware of people asking for money & valuables. Never entertain such requests no matter how genuine it may appear.
  8. Use our chat option in the website for initial communication & report any instance of misuse.
  9. Keep your family informed. It would be better to introduce the prospect to your family and ensure the prospect does the same.
  10. Report any unacceptable behavior or violation of Terms of Use to