Privacy Policy is India’s New Matrimonial Website wherein members undergo registration process with a clear understanding that neither member is a dowry- seeker nor giver. is a registered trademark.

As part of registration process, we gather information such as Name, Surname, E-mail id, Address, Telephone number etc. It is the member's responsibility to provide accurate and reliable information. Any issue arising out of incorrect and false information provided by members will make them liable to necessary action.

By going through the process of Registration, Membership and Usage, you agree to our Terms of Use. It also implies that you have provided your consent to disclose your details on subject to procedures and restrictions.

By Registration, members indemnify & its Owners against any acts, consequences, actions, legal proceedings etc., arising out of non-compliance of the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

The information provided by members can be accessed by other members subject to the restrictions of Free & Paid Membership and Locking/Unlocking options of photos, phone number and email-id. may contact its members to provide information on various Membership schemes, Upgrades, Offers or Renewals etc. through messages, emails or official phones.

Privacy policy may be changed without notice from time to time as part of our policy or improvisation based on Feedback.

We encourage our members to use the Locking Features for photos, email-id and phone number whenever required, in order to maintain higher level of privacy.

In case you wish to delete your profile for any reason please use the ‘Privacy Setting Option’ in your account for the same.

In case of any Grievance, please report to